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If one Evangelist/Pastor/Student who attends this Good News 360 conference, then he will reach 10
people in one month of time, in his surrounding villages.

As a result, in one year, this trained Evangelist will reach 120 people. Lord willing, if all the 1000 delegates this year reach their goal. i.e. 1000 X 120= 120000 people are reached. By the next 2018 conference, if at least 10% of these reached people are able to attend our Good News 360 conference or join our Bible College located in 49 different locations in 9 states of India, we will have 120000 delegates for our next Good News 360 Conference 2018.

I am requesting your prayers and partnership in this project. Email us, if
you need more information on the proposed project cost and means of finances.


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