About Us

GOOD NEWS 360 Conference

Good News Bible College and Seminary (GNBCS) a ministry consisting of Quality Resources, creates and produces the Nationals to reach Nationals, and it has done so far since 1999, and it is solely devoted to equipping saints for the ministry according to Eph 4:11-12, who care about theological studies and find effective ways to minister in their respective regions to them in any context.

What kind of training will my team and I get?

We offer four practical training sessions and advance training led by Professors and Bible Teachers, and in-the-trenches practitioners who take the time to interact with attendees and answer questions specific to your ministry. Whether you’re new to ministry or you’re experienced, you’ll find something that will challenge you or teach you something new.

What is Our Goal?

  • The vision for an outreach to our graduates, pastors and churches.
  • We intent to have a vibrant fellowship of pastors and church leaders.
  • The fellowship meets yearly, once is a specified period.
  • Each year meeting allows for fellowship, prayer and resourcing as our regional circle of Good News Bible College and Seminary which encourages Pastors to expound the Scripture and shepherd the flock with integrity, passion, courage and wisdom.
  • Panel discussions led by experienced Pastors and theologians aimed at various subjects that are relevant to contemporary ministries.
  • Topics included Equipping, Preaching, Prayer and Servant Leadership.
  • Each gathering ends with a delicious luncheon and dinner.

What can I expect at GOOD NEWS 360 conference?

You are invited to join an expected 1000 delegates across India, committed to getting better as leaders in 2017. You can expect opportunities to hear from the best theologians and preachers around the world. Subject topics: Equip, Preach, Prayer and Servant Leadership. We design the event to offer you as many choices as possible, allowing you to fill your schedule as much or as little as you’d like. Some attendees will definitely try to attend every seminar and session possible. And the opposite, some attendees will use the time to rest, pray, reflect and engage in network.

Executive Committee

Rev. Dr. K. Jayawanth Samuel, Chairman; Rev. Dr. V. J. H. S Nelson, Chairman; Rev. Dr. G. Jaya Sekhar, Vice Chairman; Rev. G. Billy Judson, Secretary; Reykam. Jaya Surya, Treasurer; Rev. K.S. Sinha; Rev. T.M. Kumar; Dr. Chinnappa Jacob; Dr. Simon Peter; Pastor. P.J. BhakthaVatsalam; Mr. T. Manohar; Rev. Dr. G. Jaya Sekhar,

It is unanimously resolved to form the following committees:



Prayer Committee Rev. K.S. Sinha & Dr. T. M. Kumar
Physical Arrangements Committee GNBCS Staff
Apex Advisory Committee 360 Executive Board
Security /Volunteers Committee Dr. Simon Peter
Food & Accommodation Committee Mr. T. Manohar
Publicity Committee Dr. Chinnappa Jacob
Transportation Committee Dr. Simon Peter
Finance Committee Dr. Jayasurya & Dr. S. Yesu Raju
Choir Committee Good News 360
Cultural Committee Good News 360
Translation Committee Dr. Chinnappa Jacob
Program Committee 360 Executive Board
Master of the Ceremony Chairman
Hospitality / Reception Committee GNBCS Students / Staff
Medical Committee Dr. Anil & Dr. Prakash
Media Committee (Video & Audio Recording) Dr. Chinnappa Jacob
Souvenir / Fund Raising Committee Dr. Jaya Sekhar, Mr. Manohar, Dr. Chinnappa Jacob
Hospitality / Reception Committee GNBCS Students / Staff